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Louis Schonfeld <lmagyar@...>

Without taking anything away >from Steven Grosz's excellent and interesting
report, and not to diminish the stature of Mr. Stark - it would be more
precise to say that Mr. Stark is the expert in the field of Jewish
demographic losses during the Holocaust, and is also among the most
knowledgeable researchers in the study of the Hungarian Holocaust.
Of course, Randolph Braham reigns supreme as the foremost scholar of that
tragic period.

Does anyone know of other serious researchers in this field? There is
Gabi-Bar Shaked and there are a number of Slovakian Holocaust researchers:
Livia Rothkirchen, Gila Fitran, Yeshayahu Yellinek, and Robert Buchler.
Other scholars engaged in Hungarian Jewish studies are Moshe Carmilly
Weinberger in America, Michael Silber and Suzann Nagy at the Hebrew
University in Jerusalem, Raphael Vago and Zvi Hartman at Tel Aviv
University. Sadly, a number of scholars have passed away in the last few
years. Within the last fourteen months we have lost Rafael Patai, Jacob Katz
and Yosef Cohen, and in recent years also Eliyahu Gonda, Shmuel Weingarten,
and Yehuda Spiegel. I don't know if Nataniel Katzbug or Bela Vago are still
active. Others who have recently published on Hungarian Jewish history are
Yitzchak Peri (Friedman) and Andrew Handler. I'm sure I have missed some.
Perhaps others can provide additional names or may have additional
information about the scholars mentioned here.

Louis Schonfeld

Miryam and David Gordon <maja@...>

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This message concerns the request of Louis Schonfeld to complete the
list of the historians and their works on the holocaust period in general and of Hungary in particular.
One of the most prominant expert historian of the subject is Professor
Asher Cohen. Asher Cohen was born in Budapest in 1936, was a professor of the Faculty of History in the University of Haifa
His book on the resistance activities of the zionist movements in
Hungary first appeared in Hebrew in 1983 and the English edition was published in 1986. This book is, to the best of our
knowledge, is the first one, which deals with the efforts done to save
the fugitive Jews >from other East Europian countries in Hungary and the rescue operations which saved the life of thousends of Jews, mostly lone children.
He planned a comprehensive series of books on the shoa. Unfortunately,
only the first book of this series could came to light: on the shoa in France (Persecution et Sauvetage). It was issued in French in 1993 and has been translated only to Hebrew yet.
The whole project was interrupted by his sudden death in 1996.

Below is a list of some of his publications:.

1./Cohen, Asher-Gelber, Yoav: The Shoah and the War./Studies on the shoah;/ N.Y., Publish. P.Lang, 1992. ISBN 0820416630
2./Cohen, Asher:The Halutz Resistance in Hungary 1942-1944./East
European Monographs. Holocaust Series; 206/ Boulder, Publish.Social Science Monographs, 1986. ISBN 0880331038
3./Cohen, Asher-Gelber, Yoav-Wardi,Charlotte:Comprehending the
Holocaust.Frankfurt am Main,Publish. P.Lang, 1988. ISBN 363140428x
4./Cohen,Asher-Cochavi,Yehoyakim: Zionist Youth Movement During Shoah.
N.Y., Publish. P.Lang, 1995. ISBN 0820425869
5./Choen,Asher:Persecutions et Sauvetages. Paris, Publish. Cerf, 1993.

Miryam & David Gordon
Rehovot, Israel