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Shalom -

Does anyone know if the Chasidim of Papa/Pupa are >from the town of Papa,
in western Hungary? We had family who were Papa Chasidim before the war, most murdered. I believe the current Papa Rebbe is in New York City (Williamsburg?) .



I know this is an old, old question, but as people have said, yes, they were. One side of my family lived in Pupa before the Shoah. (Only a few survived). No Pupa Chassidim that I'm aware of, tho; the Chassidim in my family aren't Pupa Chassidim. 


You likely know Pupa was a yeshiva town. Boys would cross borders from neighbouring countries to study there.


Yael Silver


Dear Everybody at Jewish Gen                                                                                     29th July 2021

I addressed --my reply e-mail to Everybody--as I perceive the topic:
I wonder might be unintentionally all about   Jewish Survival

All about our Ancestors ---Our Jewish Brechen--who were taken --deported --and
murdered from Papa-Pupa  Weszprem County   and surrounding Villages in Hungary.

I would like to mention,
That I am aware and salute the  Team/Group of  descendants from Papa/Pupa 
who tirelessly keep the Memories --of the --
Our forgotten neighbours--'Elfelejtett Szomszedaink--(In Hungarian) ---alive.

There is also a book of Papa:   written by Gyula Yehuda Lang:  The Memorial Book of Papa

Listing   : All  deported and killed--from Papa and from surrounding villages.
I treasure this book.

I would like to mention two names-; (My apology--I have not asked them-)-of
Two special individuals--Papai Jutka and/  Fribert Zsuzsa---Budapest
Who tirelessly keep ----Our Golden Past--of Papa alive.

The Pazsit Group--Papai Zsido Tarsasag--
They organize Zoom Meetings etc. regularly

Yes, There was a 'rich' Jewish life in Papa-Pupa before the war.
There was the Main 'Shul' Synagogue and there was a 'Stiblach--to my knowledge--9.Saletroom Utca/Street

Yes there was a yeshiva etc.

I wonder, if I am mistaken or not: 
The Memorial Book of Papa --mighty be on the internet:

My great-grandmother--nee Suri-Necha Wohl/ Mrs Moishe Biderman --daughter of Tuvia/Tobias Wohl and
other next of kin are buried and Papa Jewish Cemetery.

Tragically many members of my family/ancestors were deported from Papa and killed.

I wonder, if I can be of any help ?
Please feel  free to e-mail me: direct : paveanyu@...  or
Via Jewish Gen.

Best wishes to All

Veronika Pachtinger
London --UK

David Bernheim

The correct address for the Memorial Book of Pápa, Hungary is

My BERAN family - previously from Boskowitz/Boskovice in Moravia - had, I believe, a factory in Pépa.

David Bernheim
Saint Martin Vésubie, France


I have been connecting the Papa families as many of them are related to each other. These are mostly the Neolog rather than the Orthodox families. Once my file gets updated on the Jewishgen family tree, the names I have completed will be publicly available. I’m also hoping to update the Papa ghetto list, as some what was transcribed by Yad Vashem is inaccurate and incomplete. For example, they never made use of addresses which helps to identify family groupings. Any offers of help to enter names into a spreadsheet would be much appreciated.
Stephen Schmideg
Melbourne, Australia

Yitschok Margareten

Reviving an old topic... 

Pupa was not really considered a Chassidic court before the Holocaust, there was a Yeshiva in Papa led by Rabbi Yaakov Yecheskia Grunwald, the students were not necessarily residents of Papa. Rabbi Yaakov Yecheskia was the Rabbi of the Chassidic community in Papa. 

After the Holocaust Rabbi Yosef Grunwald son of Rabbi Yaakov Yecheskia reestablished the Yeshiva and later moved it to New York, and established a full fledged Chassidic community. 

Most of his followers were former students of the Yeshiva in Papa and their offspring. 

Today Pupa is a full fledged Chassidic court led by Rabbi Yaakov Yecheskia Grunwald son of Rabbi Yosef and grandson of the first Rabbi Yaakov Yecheskia. 

You can read about the Pupa Chassidic community on Wikipedia Pupa (Hasidic dynasty)

Yitschok Margareten