request for additional help finding town #hungary

Peter I. Hidas <thidas@...>

Bereg County, Munk=E1csvid=E9ki j=E1r=E1s
population in 1880: 385, in 1941: 700
Jews in 1840: 7, 1880: 54, 1910: 33, 1941: 37

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Dear Members,

Last week, I asked for help to locate Zsuko/Zukove Bereg Hungary, now
probably Ukraine. I took Vivian's and others' suggestions.
I found Zsuko on a 1910 map at: Zsuko is about
10 km N.W. of Mukachevo.

Problem is that this info is not a sufficient reference for JGFamily Finder.
They require a modern name and location before they will accept the town.

Please advise me how to proceed. Thank you.

On another note......
I think I have thanked everyone privately except Vivian.
Vivian, sorry I don't gave your email address. Thank you very much for your
time,help, and suggestions. I really appreciate everything.

Linda Cohen