Flying with a laptop #hungary

Patricia J. Weisshaus <patjw28@...>

I would like some feedback about flying with a laptop. I will be going to
Salt Lake City in the fall. I have had a knew joint replacement which also
whings the machines. I can have my laptop in a roller carry-on with the
rest of my equipment--lock, external A drive, etc. My question is does all
of this equipment have to removed >from the bag at the checkpoint? How do I
handle watching over it while I am being "wanded" for the knee joint?
Since the federal government inspectors are being put in place, will that
tighten up security. I will fly out of Logan Airport in Boston, have an
hour plane change in St. Louis and then on to SLC. What happens in that
hour changeover? Am I screened all over again?

Can someone help some of my anxieties?


Moderator VK: Yes, you will definitely have to remove your laptop and any other electronic equipment >from your bag when you go through security. they will want you to turn on your computer, CD player, etc. to make sure that they are not something other than functional electronic equipment. If you have all of your electronics ready when you go through security there will be a minimal delay. You will have to keep an eye on your laptop while you're being wanded. No big deal. My bra straps and the metal shanks in my shoes have delayed me at several airporta as well as at government installations where they go through the same drill. Just be ready and be cool.

Jan Meisels Allen <janmallen@...>

Dear Patricia:
I'd like to add something to what our great moderator had to say about
traveling with a laptop and being searched- which I agree with 100% and I
have also had the same clothing items set off the machines and result in
being wanded.

You asked if you have to go through security again when changing planes-
only if you leave a secure area- if you have to exit one terminal to enter
another rather than be able to walk to one to the other without leaving the
secure area- yes you will have to go through security again !.Just keep
smiling- because getting frazzled will not do you any good. You may also
have the "privilege" of a second search at the gate as they take random
people as they enter the plane to do second searches. At least on United
they do. Don't be surprised if you have to take your shoes off and put them
through the x-ray machine either. Some airports machines are set more
sensitively than others For example a pen in a pocket and a tea bag in its
"metallic envelope cover" set off the machine in Sacramento for my husband
this week, but did not do so in LAX.. go figure..
Jan Meisels Allen
Agoura Hills, CA
Moderator VK: Great advice! Keep smiling--and keep cool. Also, bring along a good book to help you while away the time while you're waiting on line....