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Hi all,

My family comes >from a small village named Turcz, north-east of
Sate-Mare. This village was once part of the Ugocsa megye. In a visit
last summer, my parents managed to get records of their birth, and even
their parents'. When asking about records of their grandparents, they
were answered that all pre 1895 records are kept in the national
archives. I wonder if this is true for records >from Transylvania - were
they kept in Bucharest or rather in the local county seat (Nagyszallas
in the case of Ugocsa which today is part of Ukraine), or even maybe in
the current county capital (Satu-Mare) ?

Thanks for the help,

Arik Solomon
Petah Tikva

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Mordechai David Pelta

Yes, there are Turt records in Satu Mare.  I e-mailed you separately as well.

I am from the Farkas and Weisz families in Turt.
Mordechai Pelta


Mr. Solomon,
The former Ugocsa County breaked to two parts in 1920. The Northern land became to be part of Czechoslovakia, and the Southern one is in Romania.
In North, the Nagyszolos (Vinogradiv, Selish) was the main Jewish Community, and some records are exist in Transcarpathian Archives, Ukraine.
In South, the Halmi (Halmeu) was the main Jewish Community. The Turcz births, marriages and deaths were registered in Halmi Community until 1895, but unfortunately, those records are missing, probably vanished, destroyed in 1944, or maybe in the 1950-1960's – anyway, there are not in archives, neither in Romania, nor in Ukraine. There are stories that the Halmi Jewish records were transported to Cluj or Bucharest, but I never found exact information about it, and I can't believe if those records are kept today in any archives.
Sadly, the 1848 Jewish census of Ugocsa County also not exist today.
Sandor Bacskai genealogist
Budapest, Hungary


Regarding research in Szöllős ( Vinohradiv) recommend to contact Mr Baruch Huber from Ungvár. 
He is a local researcher, I'm sure he can tell you if the records exist in the state archive. 
His email : huberbelay@...

All the best and good luck.

Mark Friedman