Hollan-utca Jewish Elementary School, Budapest #hungary


Dear H-SIG members,

Please forgive my writing to this forum. I realise it is not strictly geneology, but it does concern a larger family:
Class of 56 girls and boys of the Hollan-utca Jewish Elementary School in Budapest. We started there in the 1st grade in 1941 and disbanded during the German occupation in Spring, 1944 before the end of 3rd grade. I never learned how many of those children survived the Holocaust, but I suspect that at least 1/3 did not.

Last year I met Peter Hidas on H-SIG and he kindly put me in touch with an old classmate >from this school. Thus I learned that after 60 years my class had its first reunion in Budapest in January. I understand it was a most exciting and moving event with 13 participants. A class list is being compiled and I am looking for other survivors >from this class. If this applies to you or someone you know, please contact me off-list at:

Thank you,
Judy Bacskai


The e-mail concerning the survivors of the 1st grade class >from Hollan -utca school made me wonder how many of us are there left >from the VII district Weseleny-utca Jewish Boys School, where I was in the first grade in 1942. My mother who is now 93 tells me that during my first grade year in 1942 school was very often interrupted by air raids and that she would rush to the school to take me homje to Szovetseg-utca where we lived. She reminds me that we had very little uninterrupted schooling >from then till after the war , and in our case till we settled in a new country. It amazes her that I learned to write at all! I think it more amazing that we survived at all!
Are there any class mates out there?
Peter Vig