history of Satoraljaujhely #hungary

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Can you tell me where to get a copy of this book.

Henry Lifton
Boca Raton, FL

Subject: history of Satoraljaujhely
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Date: Fri, 24 Dec 2004 13:40:32 EST
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many thanks to stephen (and of course mrs. danko for creating it) for
translating this wonderfully informative little book. what a fantastic
and collection of observations.
it is packed with insight and detail and will be of interest to all with
jewish heritage, irrespective of where in hungary they resided.
ricky schultz
los angeles


It is celar that i missed the history of Satoraljauhely Please, resend it

Touvia Goldstein

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Thank you so much for shaing the History of the little town in
Satoraljauhely It was a delight to read although my interest is thr royal
town of Kezmarok and nearby Hunfalu
Carole Pivnik, Miami, Fl
SOLOMON-MORRISON- Budapest; Vienna;,Galutz-Romania