Rachel Perl born in Budapest in 1934 #hungary


I am hoping one of our members will have some advice for me on the followin=
g problem:

Rachel Perl was born in Budapest in 1934 to Sandor Perl and Ilona Szenes. I=
lona died in 1942. We never knew of Rachel's existence except for the Nevek=
larsfeld suvivors' list compiled in 1946. This list was unavailable for a l=
ong while ever since the neveklarsfeld website shut down but thankfully it =
has been transcribed and is now available again on the US Holocaust Museum =
website. Even the name Rachel seems strange for someone born in Hungary at =
that time so there may be a transcription error but this is all I have to g=
o with.
Rachel was living at Delibab 33 in 1946, which appears to have been an orph=
anage. Her father survived too but was living at a different address. There=
is no trace of either of them after this.=20
The exciting prospect is that Rachel may still be alive but I have no idea =
if she (and her father) left Hungary or perhaps changed their name. The MAC=
SE records have nothing about her and the cemetery have no records of these=
Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Michael Perl

New York



I just talked about a similar case at the IAJGS 2016 conference in one my
What you could try is probate records for a family member (sibling?) whose
estate was administered after 1945, as the father and Rachel would have
The best would be to find the father's death record and based on that, find
the probate record (his estate would have been inherited by Rachel).

BTW, Rachel is a name that Hungarians use as a civil name as well, but she
might have another name, too (Roza, Rozsi, etc.).


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