Finding Bekescsaba marriage record and Hajduhadhaz birth records #hungary


I am very frustrated because a record is --- seemingly --- barely beyond
my reach by just 14 weeks.

I am trying to find the marriage in Bekescsaba on 4/14/1946 of my uncle
and aunt. Familysearch ends marriages on 12/31/1945. The actual document
would confirm birth info for my aunt in Hajduhadhaz

Not sure if this is an absolute block or if there might be a way around
this. Will familysearch be uploading more records in the future?

I have a similar problem in Hajduhadhaz. I know my aunt's sister was
supposed to have been born in Hajduhadhaz in 1928, so I suspect my
aunt's marriage record would show birth in that town as well (although I
do knot know year nor am I certain of the town as the birthplace --- I
only assume). But Hajduhadhaz birth records end in 1921.

So I am blocked no matter where I turn.

Any advice?


David Deutsch