more about Subotica records #hungary


Andras Hirschler has sent me two pages of marriage and birth records >from Subotica which he indexed. but I don't think it's the records >from the Subotica Archives which I visited a few years ago.
I think his set is government vital records.Hungary started civil registration in 1886.
At the Subotica Archive is a set of records made by rabbis going back as early as 1850 or so and there are quite a few records. They include death records but for obvious reasons no birth records and certainly no birth type records for girls but they do have bris records. There are probably about 50 pages of records, although I only took copies of about 6 or 7 which had my family names: Hahn, Buchwald, Basch and Rex which is all I was allowed to have. The Archive was reluctant to let me have anything more.Â
If these records were ever to get indexed there would probably have to be significant negotiation and payment to the Archive.

Erica Hahn

Moderator: Hungary began civil registration in October 1895, not 1886.