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David Oseas <doseas{nospam}@...>

On 7/31/2019 5:08 PM, Amit Naor wrote:
My question is, how do I find the exact record among the 485 photos in there?
The answer is: it depends...
1) some films have been indexed and are searchable through FamilySearch

for unindexed films, the following two situations apply:
2) some films have internal index cards, which usually appear at the
start (occasionally the end) of each roll, or as a separate index roll

3) for the rest, they are usually arranged either chronologically,
numerically, or, on occasion, alphabetic (or pseudo-alphabetic, such as

For the chronologic and numeric ones, if you don't have additional info,
such as the date of event or the certificate number, then it becomes
necessary to look at every image on the roll. However, even if you have
to view every image, it is usually a fast process.

David Oseas

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Amit N


I believe I have found a record on an LDS film that might be of
interest to me. I think I have located the right film on My question is, how do I find the exact record among
the 485 photos in there? Is there a clue or should I just search one
by one?

Thank you,
Amit Naor