Difficult research problem in London #unitedkingdom

Linda Altman <altmanlh@...>

I have a brick wall and I am hoping that someone out there can help. My problem
is searching for documents in London for my great grandfather Barnet(t) Shapiro.
Here is what I am told, most of this so far is documented:

Barnet(t) SHAPRIO born about 1880 in Wysokie Mazowieckie, Poland. His birth name
was Benzion SZABAS. He was the son of Nathan SHAPIRO (known in Poland as Nissan
Zev SZABAS, nickname was Nitsky) and an unknown woman. About 1888, Barnet was
sent >from Poland to London, England. He was educated there and apprenticed to be
a baker there. In 1903, he left the UK >from Liverpool and immigrated to the US
(passenger manifests confirm this). I can trace him in the US. Once established
as a baker in New York City, he sent money back to his "adoptive" family in
London. Barnet did not marry, or die in London. Are there school records or
apprenticeship records that can be checked to verify his stay there? He was a
bread baker. He had an uncle who married in Holborn, London in 1911 (certified
copy of marriage record is in my possesion). His name was Jack CHILLAR, a
jeweler, and he married a protestant woman named Dora Ruth BARLOW, daughter of
Horace BARLOW, a commercial traveler. The witnesses to Jack and Dora's marriage
are Barnet MILLER and Golda MILLER.

Does anyone have any idea on how to proceed with my search for Barnet SHAPIRO
a.k.a. Benzio SZABAS, in London? Thanks in advance.

Linda Altman - Raleigh, NC, USA

Researching BARLOW, BERGMAN, SHAPIRO, and SZABAS - London, England

Sophia Hallan <sophia_hallan@...>

Dear Linda,

If your relative was in London between 1888 and 1903
then you could try using the on-line version of the
England and Wales 1901 Census Test Site at
http://census.pro.gov.uk. I have had some success
locating relatives when we were not sure where they
were at at around this time.

It is fairly self explanatory and you can pay for full
details and printouts using a credit card. The only
draw back if you are in the USA is that it is only
active >from 09h00-17h00 UK time though 7 days a week.

Best of Luck

Sophia Hallan


KAZANSKY/KHAZANSKY/KAZAN: Sirotino nr Vitebsk -> Lake
Houleh & Jerusalem, Palestine -> London, Manchester &
Liverpool, UK [-> USA].

ELBERG: Sokolow, Bialystok & Krakow, Poland -> London,
Manchester & Liverpool, UK.

HYMAN/HEIMAN: 1840's Central Europe -> London,
Manchester, UK.

COHEN (HaCohen): 1840's Central Europe -> London,
Manchester, UK.

Michele <trinafour@...>

Dear Linda

One immediate thing that springs to mind, have you checked the 1901 census
which is online?
This can be found through http://www.pro.gov.uk
You may need to check lots of different spellings but the chances are you
will find him there. Having said that, I have "lost" a family on this
census, only finding the 12 year old son who was staying with relatives at
the time.

You can also check the 1891 census. At the moment there is only patchy
indexing of this census, but there is a project to index this in full and it
appears to be going at a reasonable pace. There are CD's of the London
indexing completed to date available. I do not have a copy of this. I can
tell you that he does not appear in RG12/287 which is the part which I have
indexed, although many entries are illegible.

I can't help with school or apprenticeship records, but it would be useful
to know his age when arriving in America as this will be able to pinpoint
how old he was at any time. Records can be variable and it could make a big
difference if he was 10 in 1888 or 14. If he was 14 then he may not have
attended school at all.

Good luck with your search

Michele Anderson, Oxford, England
Searching: SILVERMAN >from Bottosani Romania, LEVY >from Makowa Poland,
KURASCH >from Austria, NIDCELSHPARZ >from Klewan Russia, ZIL(L)IN/ZHILIN from
Valkininkai Lithuania, DVORTSAN >from Vilnius Lithuania.

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I have a brick wall and I am hoping that someone out there can help. My
is searching for documents in London for my great grandfather Barnet(t)