'DEATH AT SEA' QUESTION #unitedkingdom

Ena Jacobs

Hello JCR-UK Discussion Group:
I recently retrieved the Passenger Records of a branch of my
maternal ancestral family, who left Southampton for New York 1912.
One member of this group who emigrated >from UK to US is not listed,
I was informed by family members she 'Died at Sea' 'on the way'!
I have been unsuccessful in recovering any further information on her.

My question is: if I order the Manifest >from Ellis Island, will this also
include a list of 'Deaths at Sea' on that voyage, or merely the arrival
of my family members? I applied for a Death Cert. >from N.Y -
none was found. I have searched cemetery records, no record.
I have E-Mailed Ellis Island, but have not received any reply.

I understand there is a list of 'Deaths at Sea' at Kew, can I write
to them for a Search without hiring a costly researcher?
Any advice or suggestions to my dilemna will be greatly appreciated.
Thank you,
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Ruth Bloom <ruthpbloom@...>

It might be worth looking for her in the GRO marine deaths register, which you can access online via www.1837online.co.uk (choose 'overseas'). If she's there you can then order her death certificate.
Otherwise I would expect a death at sea to be recorded on the passenger manifest (often a separate section at the end of the list of passengers). There is also, as you say, a list of deaths at sea held at Kew. If you fail to find your relative in the GRO index, contact me privately as I go to Kew fairly frequently and may be able to do a quick look-up for you.
Ruth Bloom
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