'DEATH AT SEA' QUESTION #unitedkingdom

Naomi Fellerman <nfellerman@...>

Dear Ena

The National Archives at Kew do hold "Death at Sea" records and you can
information about them at:


Most information is searchable in person, but if you cannot get there
they will do the research for you for a fee, details are available on:



Naomi Fellerman
Edgware, UK

Shirley Collier <shirley.collier@...>

I was at Kew yesterday and I looked up the Register of Deaths at Sea for
Ena. I went through practically the whole of 1912 and I discovered that
most of the deaths at sea recorded in that Register were >from ports other
than Southampton.

I queried this with the Research desk. I said I thought it very unlikely,
considering the numbers of deaths recorded in the Register, that the ships
leaving Southampton that year would have had what appeared to be almost 100%
safe passage for all its passengers.

They were unable to come up with any reason for this so I have now sent an
official enquiry to the National Archives and hope they might have an answer
as to whether there are any other Registers of Deaths at Sea available for
leaving Southampton bound for New York, and where they might be, especially
for the ship in question, the Majestic >from the White Star Line, which ended
its sailing career in
dock at Morecombe in 1914.

Does anyone have any other ideas? Are deaths at sea shown on ships
manifests other than the Ellis Island ones which appear to be for arrivals
of passengers? If so, how does access them?

Shirley Collier
East of London UK

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