Using the British Pound Symbol #unitedkingdom

Beryl. B <balden@...>

Re: Using the British Pound Symbol -
message on JCR-UK SIG Digest 3rd February.

When one needs to use the British Pound Symbol
and it doesn't come up on one's computer, the
words "Pounds Sterling" after the amount
is acceptable in all aspects of written work.

Beryl Baleson.

Ruth <drwho70@...>

In the US (perhaps other countries as well) there is a asii table that =
allow you to print symbols that are not included on your keypad. If you
hold the Alt down while typing 156 (then releasing Alt) you will see the =
symbol. Alt 155 produces the =A2 symbol and the degree symbol is =
produced by
Alt 186. =BA.

If anyone is interested, I'd be glad to send you my copy.

Ruth Grant

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Shirley Abel <katie3601@...>

Windows assigns a numeric code for different accented foreign
characters and special mathematical symbols. The code for the
pound symbol is while holding the ALT key down type 0163, then
release the ALT key.
Using GBP (for Great British Pounds) is also ok.
Josh Abel