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Brilliant, Paul! Congratulations.
June in Canada

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Subject: Keep on searching
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Date: Sun, 5 Mar 2006 16:08:48 -0000
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Dear List,

I have spent the past 13 years since my Father died looking for the families
of his brother and sister who he had not spoken to for some 30 years. About
a month ago I found the death details for my uncle who had only died 3 years
ago and was not living were I last knew he had been. I immediately sent for
his certificate hoping to find the address of his daughter. When it came
the informant was actually the son of my aunt. The address was his current
home so I phoned him. We had a long conversation during which he informed me
that he had a large number of items belonging to his mother which were part
of our family history and that he would let me have them.

On Friday I received a large envelope with some photos and documents in. It
was a treasure trove and included my grandfather's army discharge papers
from 1912, a testimonial for him >from the Lt. Colonel, various postcards he
had written during WW1 during his 2nd period of army service also included
photos of my great grandparents and other family members.

I have written this to encourage people not to give up even when brick walls
apparently have been hit!

Paul Goodman
Folkestone Kent

Researching: GOODMAN London, Liverpool and Poland; ZEFFERRTT London,
Liverpool, Portsmouth, Plymouth and Poland; DRIELSMA Holland and Liverpool;
HARINGMAN Holland and London; SIMONS Holland and London