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Dear Yoni,

This is my third message to you -- perhaps the others did not get through --
I am including both in an effort to establish a line of communication --
please write to me privately. Look forward to hearing >from you.

ken gompertz gomps2yk@eisa.net.au

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From: "Yoni Shapiro" <torahgen@yahoo.com>
Subject: [latvia] Gordon

I am searching the Gordon family >from Lithuania. Some
names are chaim pertz,chaya tzvia,masha rivka...
Dear Yoni --

My family surname -- GOMPERTZ -- how close can you get to CHAIM PERTZ ??

In 30 years of research I have uncovered numerous spelling varieties of my
surname due in some respects to tribal roots in several Continental European

BUT Lithuania has not been one of those countries!!

There are several researches, other than our own family's, that document our
surname to the 15th century -- including an exhaustive turn-of-the-century
German study.Major pre-20th century Gompertz clans are known in Holland,
Germany, England, Hungary, for example -- my own clan is Dutch, or was Dutch
as far back as we can trace which is about 1700.

These spelling varieties, for example, include the Dutch/German which
substitute or delete single/double letters or whole words as in Gompel,
Gomprecht, Chompers.

There are undocumented stories of a Spanish variety (Gomez Perez).
Note the vocal similarity with your Lithuanian name -- the transliterative
parallel is remarkable.

Incidentally, the middle name "PERTZ" -- all alone so-to-speak -- seems

Is there ANY possibility that your CHAIM PERTZ has ANY connection with
GOMPERTZ? The question may be ludicrous -- but angels tread, and I must ask
it. I just can not resist the temptation to find out if there is a
Lithuanian connection (incidentally, my mother's line (BLOCH) is
Lithuanian). Wouldn't that be a discovery highlight to make my tired tired

eyes water!!

Please excuse my intrusion with this "off the wall" query -- perhaps it
represents a tribal elder's withering/warped imagination let loose.

Look forward to hearing >from you -- thank you for your patience.

Regards, ken gompertz gomps2yk@eisa.net.au
Dear Yoni, again,

Just noticed another of your messages -- re Paterson, NJ -- a branch of my
family has lived there since early 1900's -- two of the surnames::
Levinthal -- Esterman (Easterman) -- they are the clue names for any
possible linkages.

If you hear anything about the cemeteries, I would appreciate it if you
would share essential information -- there are so many "missing bodies" on
my tree!!

Thanks. Regards, ken

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From: "Yoni Shapiro" <torahgen@yahoo.com>
Subject: Chaim Pertz GORDON

Does anyone have a Chaim pertz Gordon >from Luthinaia
in there records...
Yonasan Shapiro


If your Gordon surname did not come as a result of name changing, perhaps you
might want to see the following site, which details the unusual odyssey of
Lord George Gordon to orthodox Judaism.

The first part is about his life before the conversion; the second part is
about his life as an observant Jew.


Vicki Bennett