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Frances Derhy <Frances@...>

My grandparents originated in Poland and Belarus but I never heard of =
the keys and birds superstitions. Re fear of death - they would never =
place beds facing the door - (to make it harder to carry you out!)

Two things I do remember well are connected to Havdallah- it was =
forbidden for women and girls to drink the wine - if we did, we'd grow a =
beard, and if we didn't hold the Havdallah candle high enough we'd have =
a midget for a husband.=20

Frances Derhy

Shirley Collier <shirley.collier@...>

I share both those fears of keys on the table and a bird bringing death in
the house. One I have control over so have never put it to the test but a
bird came into our house when I was a child and this was followed shortly
afterwards by a death. I have no idea where these superstitions
originated but my family came >from Poland.

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Martyn Woolf <martyn@...>

The "Keys on the Table" superstition was very strong in my house but I do
not think it was necessarily >from Eastern Europe. I have not yet found any
of my forebears who came >from that area so perhaps the superstition was more
widely held.

It still gives me the shudders when I see keys in the wrong place and is
just about the only superstition that I have. Oh, excuse me whilst I avoid
walking under that ladder and dash it, a black cat has just crossed my path.
By the way, did you remember to turn over the change in your pocket at the
last New Moon?

Martyn Woolf

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Subject: [jcr-uk] Superstitions

Many thanks for the replies keep them coming as its
very intresting to know why i do these things.
I was also bought up with the worst thing that can
happen is a bird flies into your house but it depends
what bird!!
This is very much lost in the mists of time to me,But
i believe it sygnifies also death being bought into
the house.
Please believe i had a very happy house and modern
thinking family,But on the keys on table and birds
there was genuine fear and concern.
So again if anyone knows this one i find it intresting
and going by replies so do other people.
Kind regards
Malki Katz

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