looking for details about Ephraim Sieff from Manchester #unitedkingdom

Oscar Friedman <oscar.friedman@...>

Hello Friends
Once before I was searching for the Ziv Family (Sieff ) in England but with not much success , except meeting and talking with great people like Ann Rabinowitz , Chaim Freedman , Peter Arnold and others

I am trying to find a tombstone of Ephraim Sieff - father of Israel Sieff who came >from Lithuania (Ariogala) about mid of 1890 or so to England and lived in Manchester and as much we know should be buried there near by

There is a traditional story about his father that came >from Kelme , but there is no proof about it

We believe the Father of Ephraim should be >from Ariogala

The Sieff family is probably well known in the UK , but unfortunately do not cooperate about the history of the family .
Any assistance , lead or details about capability to collect more information ,will be very much appreciated

Wish you all great and sweat New Year which is coming very soon

Oscar Friedman - Israel