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Ury Link <uryl@...>

Thanks for all the people that help me with the initials,it is to much to
answer ewryone separeted.
many thanks
Ury Link

Warren Blatt <wblatt@...>

Ury Link <> wrote:

Subject: Initial
Dear Jewishgenners,
I am a new member of this club and i enjoy this site. But I have some
problems I am not so familiar with all the Initials that I read in the
letters, pleas my I can have a explanation for so much acronyms:

Yivo, Nypl`s, Na, Jgs, Ftw, Ftjp, Gedcom, Iajgs, Cjsi.
This is only a small selection >from the last days.

These abbreviations are defined and explained in the last
section of the JewishGen FAQ ("Frequently Asked Questions")

See <>.


Warren Blatt
Boston, MA