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Ellen Sattler-Harpin <EHarpin@...>

I am almost positive that SATTLER is the correct spelling of my gm's
maiden name as my father, thinking no one had survived the Holocuast in
his mother's family, changed his name to SATTLER. It was later
discovered that she had a brother who had survived and come to the USA,
and his name was SATTLER, same spelling. I've yet to find any other
SATTLER family who is Jewish. My gm was Anna Sattler, and her brother
was Sam SATTLER. They were two children >from a large family, at least 9
kids, and their father was Mendel SATTLER, m. Chaya Gella Jacobovitz.
My gm came >from Poland in approx. 1914-1916 and supposedly came alone.
By 1917, she and her husband, Abraham EPSTEIN, also supposedly from
Poland, whom I believe she married in NY, were in Chicago where my aunt,
Sylvia EPSTEIN was born on 5/17/17. My father was born in San
Francisco, Harry EPSTEIN, on 3/21/19. Any suggestions? Someone traced
a SATTLER to a cousin in Katowice, Poland, but she refuses to say
anything other than that everyone is dead.
--Ellen in Winter Springs/Orlando, FL



My mother was very friendly with a Sattler family in Brooklyn, NY. William
Sattler died about 30 years ago. I believe he had a sister who died before
him. I don't know anything about their background. They were definitly

William's window and daughter live in the New York area. If you think they
may be related, I will try to contact them for you.

Michael Levine
Brooklyn, NY