Searching: EICHWALD & MEYERHOFF #general

Martie Stevenson <msteven@...>

Looking for info concerning my GP's ROBERT EICHWALD Germany>Philadelphia
(b) 1860? (d) 11/99 & EMILIE MATHILDA MEYERHOFF Medebach,
Westphalia>Philad. (b) 5/9/1965.

I have absolutely no info on the EICHWALD family prior to my GF's
Declaration of Intention (1886). I do know that there was a JULIUS
EICHWALD in Phila. >from 1852 on and that the City Directories show that
he lived very near where my Grandfather lived.

I do know that ROBERT EICHWALD was living with a SIMON EICHENGRUN at the
time of his naturalization (1889) and that this address is a block away
from an EMANUEL MEYERHOFF (a relative of my GM) during the same year.
I very much want to find out where in Germany my Grandfather came >from -
I am guessing Westphalia?

T.I.A. for any help! Martie