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Gary Goldberg <XGaryG@...>

Harold Pollins wrote:

In my original question I also asked whether a Jew would be likely to have
the name Christian as a forename. I should be glad to have any views or
experience of that.
I met a guy named Chris in the Caribbean who said he was a Greek-born Jew.
He said it wasn't all that unusual for a Greek Jew to be named Chris (or
Christos, or whatever the Greek equivalent is). He had a small grocery on
the Lower East Side of NYC.

-Gary Goldberg
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Harold Pollins <pollins@...>

Many thanks for this interesting and useful suggestion. I can understand
how a woman might be Christina, as you show, and being called Tina the
possibly Christian aspect would presumably be ignored or forgotten. But
I'm still left with men named Christian whether as forename or surname.
is more blatant and open and, apart >from the forename being shortened to
Chris, not easily concealed if one wished to do so.

But I'm grateful to you for your interest.

Harold Pollins
Dick Plotz wrote:

Harold Pollins asks about Jews with "Christian" as a forename.