Jews in the Austrian Army #general

Judith Romney Wegner

Dear J-Genners:

If anyone has access to records of Jews in the Austrian army, and if these
records are indexed alphabeticall , so that names are easy to find, could
you please look for my husband's grandfather, Julius/Juda WEGNER (b.
1863 in Vienna) , who served as an army bandleader in that Army during WW1
and maybe even before the war. He survived the war -- we think he died
around 1926. The name is definitely spelled WEGNER (not Wagner).

Thank you.

Judith Romney Wegner


You wrote " If anyone has access to records of Jews in the Austrian army, .."

In my files are notes >from Jan. 2, 1998 >from Andras that he posted that he has
a list of the Jewish soldiers in WWI sorted by towns. Also a note >from Vivian
Kahn saying the FHL has 6500 reels of Aust.-Hung. military records. Pull their
postings >from the archive for greater detail. An Aaron Rosenberg also put in
some information at some point re: a key to the headings of the military muster
rolls. Write me back if you can't get the information, I only copied what is
personally relevant and don't know if the whole posting of these folks is more
usefull to you.

good luck! Linda Rakoff, Newton, MA

Debbie Raff <seraff@...>

I would LOVE to figure out how to use this microfilm. I was at the
Genealogical Library in Salt Lake City last Spring. I tried to figure it
out, but it doesn't seem to be indexed in a manner where it was of use.

The usually helpful librarians were at a total loss themselves,as to how to
proceed. So, if someone out there has had success, PLEASE let us all know.

Debbie Raff :-)

Linda Rakoff wrote:
"If anyone has access to records of Jews in the Austrian army,


Jane LACHS wrote:

<<If anyone has access to the records of Jews in the Austrian army,

could you please look to to see if there is any mention of my husband's

uncle: LACHS Meilach (Michl, Mickl, Michael ?)

LACHS >from Striganka (Stryhance, Strygan'tse) Ukraine

SILBERFELD >from Potoczany Ukraine

STERN >from Brzezany Ukraine>>

Volume XII, Numbers 3 and 4 of ZichronNote, Journal of the San Francisco Bay
Area Jewish Genealogical Society, August and November 1992 had an article
"Index to Jewish Officers and Doctors in the Imperial Austro-Hungarian Army
and Navy", by Patrick Gordis and Sherrill STERN Laszlo.

A Moritz LACHS >from Szent-Ma'rton, Hungary appears.

and Lorraine Bertelsen wrote:
<<I also am interested in obtaining similar

information regarding my step-Grandfather, Dr. Josef GOLD of Vienna

(1894-1956) and my step-Father's Father, Josef ZIPPER of Vienna b. Zbaraz,

Galicia 1888 d. Melbourne 1962.>>

An Elias ZIPPER >from Lemberg, Galicia also appears in the book.

More about these persons will be found in the original book entitled "The
Biographical Handbook of Officers, Doctors, Troop-Leaders, and Former Military
Officials of Jewish Origin who Actively Served in the Imperial Austro-
Hungarian Army and Navy" published by Moritz Fruehling in Vienna, 1911.

Copies of biographical entries were offered in 1992 by Relative Matters, 34
Craig Avenue, Piedmont, CA 94611-3702 in return for a SASE plus an additional
29-cent stamp, but I suggest contacting Sherrill Stern Laszlo at
<> to verify whether the offer still holds, and whether
overseas requests are honored at the same terms.

Robert Weiss, former editor