Inns in the late 1800's in Poland #general

David Fielker <david@...>

According to my great-aunt Pessel, my great-grandfather Nahum SCHNEEBAUM
ran an inn in Pelnatycze, near Jaroslaw. He used to drink with the local
priest once a week, but on Saturday nights she had to be kept >from the bar,
where fights would break out.

My STIEGLITZ family ran an inn in Filipkowce, near Mielnica.

According to Suzan Wynne's excellent book "Finding your roots in Galicia"
(publ. Avotaynu), some 85 per cent of rural Polish Jews were engaged in the
liquor trade, but in 1910 Jews were forbidden to sell alcoholic beverages,
so 15,000 suddenly lost their source of income. This presumably triggered
the subsequent emigrations to the UK and the US.

David Fielker
London, UK

Jonathan A. Marshall <marshall@...>

My father told me that my great-grandfather owned an inn in Sejny, Poland.
The name was Moshe Gibianski. Anyone know anything about Inns in the late
1800's? Barbara Gibian Heinrich
My TURETSKY great-grandparents owned/ran a tavern or inn in Pinsk, Poland,
in the late 1800s and early 1900s. I don't know much about the inns. I do
know a story about my great-grandfather throwing out an unruly Cossack from
his establishment, and then having to leave the country to escape
retribution. He came to the U.S. for some time but then returned to Poland,
saying that the U.S. is a "trefe land" -- an unkosher/unclean place. His
TURETSKY children, including my grandmother, came to the U.S. and to
Uruguay. He and my great-grandmother died in the influenza epidemic of 1918
or 1919.

Pinsk is now part of Belarus.


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MAISEL/MEISEL, KANTROWITZ, KNOR, KANTOR Romanova, near Slutsk/Minsk, Belarus
EISDORFER, WEISS Kisvarda, Hungary
DAVID, REICH Magyar Sovath, Hungary
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Gary Luke <feraltek@...>

Anyone know anything about Inns in the late 1800's?
Barbara Gibian Heinrich
Two parts of my family had inns in Polish Galicia, east of Nowy Targ, in
Jablonka and in Piekelnik.

"The Jewish Tavern-keeper in 19th Century Polish Literature" Zalman Shazar
Centre, Jerusalem 1986 is a study of the position of Jewish inn keepers
that could be of interest.


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David Fielker <david@...>

I received a private note >from Jane Lowenkron asking if there were any
special tax records in respect of alcohol sales.

I've checked again in Suzan Wynne's book, and I can't find anything about
tax records, though there is a section on taxes which talks of taxes on
Jewish marriages and tax evasion. I also see that the big exodus between
1880 and 1910 is blamed on floods, famines and a series of epidemics, and
it was not only Jews who were leaving Galicia at that time.

David Fielker
London, UK

Myrna Levin <mlevin1412@...>

Does anyone know anything about a tavern or inn in Sanok, Poland? Someone
onced mentioned that my father's family(NADELSTEICHER) might have owned
one. This would be in the early 1900's.

Thank you,
Myrna Nadel Levin