Bobruisk 2nd Duma (1906) online (in part) #general

Don Mopsick <mophandl@...>

Surnames (along with given names and patronymics) beginning with
selected letters >from the Bobruisk Duma voter registration list are now
online at the Bobruisk ShtetLinks site at:

The letters (transliterated >from Cyrillic) are:

A | B | V | G | D | E | Zh | Z | K | M | S

About half of the project is completed. The method we are using is to
enter the names in Cyrillic (using the Windows 95 language keyboard
support setup for Russian), then running the Cyrillic files through an
Exel function created by Michael Tobias, then posting the resulting
Roman alphabet files on our website temporarily. When the project is
completed, it will be another JewishGen database.

If you have ancestry >from Bobruisk, the list makes fascinating reading.

To join the Bobruisk Interest Group (BIG), you can follow the
instructions found on our home page at


Don Mopsick, BIG Shammes