Secret Codes in the NYC Death Indices #general

JJG613 <jjg613@...>

I haven't been down to Chambers Street in quite some time, but I've
encountered those codes before myself. I'm fairly certain that a death
record should be on hand for him for him at the City Archives. I could be
wrong, but for some reason I remember having success on-site with a similar

If not, you should be able to get the information you need to acquire the
record >from the State Archives.

Good luck,

Jonathan Goldmacher
JRI-Poland Project
Project Coordinator
New York, NY

Searching: GOLDMACHER, GOLDMAN, MAK, MALOWANCZYK >from Poland (Przasnysz,
Pultusk, Ciechanow, Nasielsk, Neistud, Mlawa, Sierpc, Serock, Warsaw)


Well, I half-solved my long standing problem of where my great-grandfather,
Harry Davis, died. Though I've known forever that he was buried in Mt.
Hebron Cemetery in Queens in 1951, I could not locate a death certificate
for him.

I took a second look at the NYC death indices today. Though he STILL was
not listed alphabetically, he was among a handful of Davises at the top of
the Davis list (someone put spaces before his first name, forcing him to
sort to the top). However, his borough is listed as "Y" (where M, Q, and R
are obvious, and X and K stand for Bronx and Brooklyn, respectively). The
"Y", the footnote indicates, means he died out-of-city. His Certificate
number is "31", which if you look on the first page of the volume, tells
you that the numbers below 50 indicate what state the deceased died in.
"31" is NYS outside of NYC.

So the question is, does this mean that there is a document at the city
archives telling me where he died, or is there an actual death certificate,
or is there nothing? I assume he is there either because he was a resident
of NYC, or he was buried there (probably the latter).

Any guesses? Anyone know first-hand?

Steve Stein
Highland Park, NJ