Searching: NADWORNY and KRUGLYAK #poland #ukraine

Anita Citron <anitac1@...>

I am searching for family with the name of NADWORNY or NADVORNY or any
other variant. As far as I know, there were no families of this name in the
town of Nadworne(Pol)/Nadwornaya (Ukr). The Nadworna society's burial area
in Baron Hirsch cemetery in NYC has no Nadwornys or variant listed either.

My gf, Joseph (b.1866, son of Israel and Leah Silver), came >from Odessa and
was a blacksmith. My gm, Anna Frieda Mednik (b.1872,daughter of Aaron M and
Celia Wildman) came >from Berdichev. Just by doing an Altavista search I
believe I have found relatives in Brazil (Nadvorny). Their relative also
came >from Odessa and had the same occupation. The name is too rare and the
locations too few for these people to be other than relatives. We have
traded pictures and found hard-to-ignore resemblances. We feel my gf and
their ggf were first cousins if not siblings.

Also, just as a mention, through a very interesting turn of events, I found
someone quite accidentally via email in Odessa who looked up that name in
their phonebooks for me. THis lovely person whom I did not know before,
called them and one feels we are related--I am waiting on pins and needles
while they check out their family tree.

NADWORNY is more common among Polish Catholics than Jews but it rare in
either case. I am trying to find out what the originating language was. I
know what it means (an agent of the court OR a chancellor OR someone of the
country manor--a purveyor?!)The more regal meaning is in Russian. I have
had some help >from Slavic Library librarians but I thought someone here
might be able to point me to a source.

My Odessan friend is also looking for his family because he does not know
if he is Jewish or not! So I am looking for his relatives here: his name is
Yuri KRUGLYAK (or variants). His father's name was Aleksei Savvich (b. 1907
Berezovka, Vinnitza Volost, Ukr), mother Evgeniya SHNITKO. They lived in
Kharkov when Yuri was born (1937). Most of his relatives were wiped out in
the Golodomor which he describes as an organized starvation by the
Communist Party.




Hi my name is Mikhail Kruglyak, about your friend due to my father dying when I was young I can only trace myself to Mordechai Kruglyak who made his way to Astrakhan region in late 1800's from Ukraine... Let me know if he is aware of any connections... But I am jewish.

Steven Turner

I am the founder of the Nadworna Shtetl Research Group and I can confirm that we do not have any members associated with the surname Nadworny.

Steve Turner