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I am trying to pinpoint Iser SONNENBLUM's proper place on the family
tree. He and his family were listed as victims of the Holocaust in the
Yizkor book for Horodenka (in Galicia). There are two possibilities, and
I am trying puzzle through which one seems more plausible.

Candidate #1

There is conflicting info about his full name. Most family members only
referred to him as "Anschel." However, one relative (now deceased) who
has proved to be a reliable source, thought his name was actually
"Eusher" Anschel (phonetic spelling). This does seem somewhat similar to
Iser, but I am troubled that I have not been able to confirm "Eusher"
with anyone else in the family. Also, it seems odd to me that he would
be known as "Iser" among fellow residents of his shtetl, but referred to
as "Anschel" by his relatives in America. In addition, if Anschel was
indeed his second given name (rather than his first), would it be unusual
to use that in lieu of his first name (Eusher)?

Candidate #2

Unlike candidate #1, there is some question as to the existence of
candidate #2. Here is what I have been able to piece together using
family info and the helpful Discussion Group Archives. Another relative
vaguely remembers that there may have been a SONNENBLUM brother named
"Serle" who remained in Horodenka. She has no more information.
However, my grandmother also seems to recall an additonal SONNENBLUM
brother, only she believes he emigrated to Argentina (in addition to the
one SONNENBLUM brother appearing on the pedigree I just received >from
relatives in Buenos Aires). Grandma couldn't remember any specifics. A
few weeks later, when pressed again, she thought that brother may have
been "Saul." It seems to me that there was indeed this "extra"
SONNENBLUM brother--one relative was remembering him by his Yiddish
name which was Srul (instead of "Serle"); the other remembering him by
the American adaptation (Saul) of his given name.

I'd appreciate feedback about whether my conclusions about candidate #2
seem plausible. Of course, this still does not address the mystery of
whether or not Srul immigrated to Argentina! Is there any logical
connection between the names Srul and Iser--perhaps he is the SONNENBLUM
male who was killed in the Holocaust?.

Deborah Dworski
Arlington, Virginia U.S.A.

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I just wanted to observe that my gfather was named Anshel, which was his
Yiddish name. His Hebrew name was Usher. He was called Anshel Usher, but
referred to as Anshel in all correspondance. Your spelling and mine might not
be similar, but Horodenka was not far >from Rusow, and my uncle married a young
lady >from Horodenka in 1880, and lived in Rusow, which is 5km >from Snyatyn.

Hope this has helped.


Eli C. Hecht