mother and child with same name #general

Arline and Sidney Sachs <sachs@...>

named their first child was a second, unfortunate David.....
My grandmother's youngest sister had the same name as her mother, as the
mother died the same day after giving birth.

that my maternal grandmother seems to have had the same name as her mother:
On my husband's side a later aunt was named for an earlier one that had died
in infancy. I don't think that would curse the child, just a way of naming
after the dead as is usualy done.

Arline Sachs

PPilling <ppilling@...>

In the case of my paternal family, my father had THREE brothers named Edward
Marks, all born in Manchester, England. The first two died in early infancy.
EM no. 3 lived to a ripe old age. I presume they used the name so many times
because they wanted to have a child born to carry the name Edward, the name of
my father's paternal grandfather.
Pat Marks Pilling, Beverly Hills, MI