Names on Headstones #general

Glenda Rogers <gar929@...>

I have photos of the headstones of my grandmother, her sister and
her brother and they all appear to have different parental names on
it. Any idea what the explanation would be?

Glenda Rogers


Glenda Rogers <> asked:


Some possible explanations might be:

(1) Possibly, the three individuals whose tombstones you are studying
were not full siblings, but rather half-siblings, and had the same
mother, but different fathers.
(2) An error could have been made on the matzeva, either in the cutting
of the inscription, or else someone inadvertently gave incorrect
(3) The actual parental name could be the same ~ as a variant of the name,
either Yiddish or Hebrew ~ was used on each different stone. For example,
one relative could be "ben Shlomo" or "bas Dov" while another other could
be "ben Zalman" or "bas Berel." Since Shlomo and Dov are the Hebrew
versions, and Zalman and Berel the Yiddish versions for the same names ~
which "in English" might appear as Solomon or Dov, or even Bernard ~ the
same person as the father might actually be named on each stone even
though at first glance the names appear different...

Judith Langer-Surnamer Caplan <>
Long Beach, NY