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The foundation of all Sciences are notations that enable Scientists to
document research results in ways that allows other Scientists to confirm or
dispute their findings. (A notation is a concrete, symbolic encoding of
information into numbers, words, names and / or symbols.)

Good notations help researchers imagine, visualise and measure properties of
the elements and processes they are investigating. They provide vehicles for
communication which allows information to be passed on in uniform, correct
and commonly understood fashions.

Blood relationship between individuals is a prime element of both the
genetics and genealogy sciences, but until now there has not existed a
notation which scientifically correct would document relationships of even
limited complexity.

The Knot System as defined at URL: "" is a
proposal for a standardised, scientifically correct method of documenting and
communicating any blood relationship based on bisexual reproduction. It will
enable geneticists and genealogists to comprehend and exchange much more
complex relationships than before, hopefully with a positive impact on
research results.

A discussion forum "The Knot System Community" has been established at
DejaNews at URL: "". There you can read
other peoples opinions and exchange your personal views on relationship
notations in general and the Knot System in particular. Please join the
community and influence its content, or just go there and browse the pages as
an invited guest.

It is my hope that above forum will help the genetics and genealogical
communities to realise that an internationally accepted, scientifically
correct notation of relationship will benefit all parties. I also hope that
eventually the Knot System will be recognised as that common relationship

Knud Hxjrup, Albertslund, Denmark, January 12, 1999.

WROZI <wrozi@...>

What happens in this day and age of sperm banks, invitro-fertilization,
surrogate mothers, gay marriages and adopting children, adoptions in
general, etc. How is a genealogist suppose to research, investigate or
document these occurrences?

Thanks for the input.
Roslyn Goldman
Orlando, FL

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SLSchudson <slschudson@...>

Roslyn: Medical records >from sperm banks, invitro-fertilization, and
surrogacy would be treated as confidential and not accessable without consent
of the patients. Birth, death, and marriage/divorce certificates are a matter
of public record, accessable to anyone. But, gay marriages would only have the
associated paperwork where they are legal. Adoption records are also treated
as confidential by the courts, though some adoption agencies will release
information with the consent of the adoptive and/or genetic family.

Good luck....

Sue Leibovitz Schudson