Judah Benjamin #general

Alexandra Vozick Hans <vozick@...>

Does anyone have a family tree of the American Revolutionary War financial
supporter, Judah Benjamin? We are trying to establish if there is a
connection to a New York family named Gold. All information is most welcome,
please email me directly. Thank you so much. Alexandra Vozick Hans


"Revolutionary War financial supporter Judah Benjamin"

** Judah Benjamin was a financial support in the Civil War, I believe
he was in the cabinet of the Confederate States as treasurer.

The Revolutionary War financial supporter was Chiam/Hyman Solomon.

Please double check, which one do you need information about?

Shelley Volk
Chicago, IL


Dear People,

In her Jan.15,1999 message (#38), Alexandra Vozick Hans asked whether
there was a family tree for Judah Benjamin. I don't know about a tree, but I
would imagine some genealogical information can be found in:

"Judah P. Benjamin: The Jewish Confederate" by Eli N. Evans, The Free Press,
New York, 1988.

Naomi Fatouros