Jewish Photo Archives #general

D. Doering <doeringd@...>

I'm seeking to identify the major national and international archives of
photographs of jewish life, culture, and history. Any information on the
names of the major collections or links to their web sites would be greatly
appreciated. I thank you in advance.

Don S. Doering
Philadelphia, PA

Sharlene Kranz <skranz@...>

Dan Doering asks about photo archives of Jewish interest.
Two are located in the Washington, DC area, and are free:
your tax dollars at work.

1. The Library of Congress Prints and Photographs
Division (202-707-5836) includes photos< prints< drawings
posters relating to Jewish history, both in the U.S. and

2. The National Archives Still Pictures Branch
(301-713-6660) owns the NEW YORK TIMES Paris Bureau photos
prior to WWII.

Searching: KRANZ (Pilsno, Poland); ZIMMERMAN (Czeszenow,
Poland); LIPNICK (Goniondz, Poland); FOX (Ivano-
Frankovsk, Ukraine); FECHTER (Bobrka, Ukraine); and
PINCUS (Koidanova, Belarus).

Stephen Buetow <s.buetow@...>

Sharlene Kranz and Dan Doering have referred to photo archives of
Jewish interest. Sharlene noted two in the Washington, DC area, which
are free to access. However, some of us live outside the US. Can
anyone suggest how we may seek to obtain photographs of our
Jewish ancestors >from such archives?

Stephen Buetow (New Zealand)


Dear People,

Another photo archive which may be of interest to Jewishgenners is one
held by the Terezin Music Foundation, which I just learned about, and whose
website I visited yesterday. This is an organization devoted to preserving
and playing the music of people who were in the Theresienstadt
concentration camp. (Some of the composers were Pavel Haas, Gideon Klein,
Hans Krasa, and Victor Ullman.) The contents of the photoarchive are not
online. For more information visit the website at:

Naomi Fatouros