Murder in the heim (Yanova in Lithuania). #general

Rica Goldberg

My grandmother Rose (Raizel) Diamond nee KAMINSKY - one of nine children -
came to Manchester, England as a young woman. All her siblings came too.
Some were married In Yanova and/or Suwalki I think) and some married in
Manchester. Her parents came too as they are buried in Manchester. My
ggrandfather died in 1905 aged 73.

The eldest in the family - a brother named Wolfe - was murdered in Lithuania.
He was out deliverying bread and was murdered for the money he had collected,
and his pony and cart arrived home on its own. Strangely enough, his five
offsprings also came to Manchester. As yet, I do not know whether they came
"en masse", in small groups, or individually.

Only today I have been reminded that my grandmothers sister Jane is reputed to
have given evidence at the trial of the robber who murdered Wolfe, and the man
was sent to Siberia.

Does anyone know how I can find evidence regarding his murder etc etc. I
would imagine tht this murder might have taken place between 1883 to
perhaps 1890.

Rica B Goldberg

KAMINSK >from Yanova near Kovna, Lithuania:
DIAMOND (Probably DIMONT or similar) >from Kovno,Lithuania:
Chaim ESTRY - a glazier >from Poland:
GOLDBERG possibly Schelenger/Shlesinger/Shloozitel >from Kovno, Lithuania:
COHEN >from Poland!!!!! BERLINSKY >from ???????
LEVY >from Krosniewice, Poland