Descendant of Rabbi Akiva EIGER (EGER/AGAR) #general

Jane Berns <jaykaybee@...>

Hello and HELP!

If anyone out there is descended >from Reb Akiva EIGER (EGER), I would
appreciate hearing >from you.

I am trying to establish connections. My maternal gf
emigrated to the U.S. in 1896 >from Sheffield, England.
He was the only male sibling in his family, and he was
following his married sisters who were already here with growing

Family legend, told to me by my parents, is that mother's ancestry goes
back to Reb Akiva EIGER, a Talmudic Scholar >from Eastern Europe, circa
mid 1700's. The story continued that around 1790 there was
intermarriage in the family with some of the children going to Ireland,
and others going to England. I suspect the family going to Ireland,
became members of the Protestant Church (Calvinists-Presbyterian),
while the others going to England, remained Jewish. I was told the
English branch remained Rabbis. My grandfather's family is reported to
have had a wallpaper factory in Sheffield, England which was run by his
mother and her sisters. My grandfather was a housepainter in the U.S.

Family names include: GREENWALD, BLOCH (BLOCKl???), ROSENHOLZ, AGAR,

My mother was Sallie AGAR KLAW, daughter of Samuel Rioness AGAR & Molly
JACOFSKY (not sure of this spelling), Molly had relatives named JACOBS,
and RUBIN. The RUBINS had a hotel in the Catskills (Rubin's
Mapleview). My mother was the eldest daughter of 6 children.

Many thanks,
Jane Berns

Klausner yocheved <yklaus@...>

Jane Berns wrote:

If anyone out there is descended >from Reb Akiva EIGER (EGER), I would
appreciate hearing >from you.

There are many sources for Akiva EGER's descendants, like Neil
Rosenstein: The unbroken Chain, NY 1976, Ludwig Herz: Die Familie Eger,
Berlin 1339, Walter Meyer: Die Familie Eger und Halberstadt, 1957, Erich
Midas: Die Familie Eger in Furth, and others. There is also an Eger
Family Association, headed by Mr. Akiva EGER, Kibbutz Netzer-Sereni,
P.O.B. 70395, Israel. The association issued several monographs of
family trees of Akiva EGER's ancestors and descendants.
Best wishes,
Dr. Yehuda Klausner