names from mourners book #general

h_m_w <h_m_w@...>

I would like any help with these names >from a mourner's book.

These were in the mourner's book of Samuel Weinstein.

Ztvi Ari Reb David (real name of father Hershel Labe??)
Fagi Riva Bas Leiber (real name of mother .. Fannie??)
1st wife....Bluma Bas Avrum Lazer (real maiden name Lopotinsky)
2nd wife .... (sister of Dora) Dora Bas Avrum Lazer (real maiden name

H. Murray Weinstein

Sally Bruckheimer <sallybru@...>

The names in your mourners book are their Hebrew names with no last
names-Jews were traditionally known as 'Joe the son of Fred.' The
government assigned family names so that they could keep track of the
families (horror {;-)] ). So Jews did not use the last names among
themselves until relatively recently.

Herschel is Ztvi in Hebrew, both mean stag. Fannie is English for Fagi
(probably short for Fayga in Yiddish, in Hebrew Zippora, both mean a bird.
(Women often did not have Hebrew names, just Yiddish ones). Bluma and
Dora's father was Abram Lazar-probably they were sisters.