1930 Census? #general

MsRachelR <msrachelr@...>

Check this out for further information on the 1930 Census.

Thanks - Rachel Reisman in Poughkeepsie, NY

Researching: KAPELUSNIC(Janow/Ivanovo), RATNOWSKY(Janow/Ivanovo),
GORDON(Vilna/Kovno), REISMAN(Odessa), ABRAHAMSON(Russia-but where?),
SIMON(Russia-but where?)


Hi All

As a relative genealogy newbie (9 months under my belt), I have utilized past
census records to "find" ancestors. One branch of our family did not
immigrate until 1921--so the only census that will be of any use to me is
1930. Does anyone know when it will be released to the public? How long will
it take for copies to reach our local libraries, or regional federal archives?

Would appreciate any information!

Karen Lozow
Denver, CO

searching: Ater/Atlivaick/Atlivonikoff >from Belorussia, Ackerman >from
Romania, Lozow/Lozovitsky, Lozovstzkaya >from Romania, Gvirtz/Gvirtzman >from
Brestlatoff, Kopel/Kopelovitz >from Odessa, Robinovitz/Robinson >from Russia

MODERATOR NOTE: Karen - You can find the answer to your question in the JewishGen FAQ on the web page <www.jewishgen.org>. It is in Section 8, National Archives. It's alway a good idea to seach the web page before submitting a query to the news group. There is a search button at the bottom of the page.