Gubernskie vedomosti #general

Jenny Schwartzberg

As a librarian, I get a lot of mail >from publishers. Recently I got a
brochure >from Norman Ross Publishers which publishes microfilms of
newspapers and journals >from many countries. I quote as follows: "The
`gubernskie vedomosti' were pre-revolutionary local governmental newspapers
published throughout the Russian Empire largely between 1838 and 1917
(although a few titles were issued through 1920). The newspapers were also
published in Ukraine, Belarus, Poland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova,
countries of the Caucasus and Central Asia and were issued in the following
cities and towns:
Arkhangel'sk Krasnoiarsk Sedlets
Astrakhan' Kursk Semipalatinsk
Baku Kutais Simbirsk
Belostok Lomzha Simferopol'
Varshava Liublin Smolensk
Vernyi Minsk Stavropol'
Vil'na Mitava Suvalki
Vitebsk Mogilev Tambov
Vladikavkaz Moskva Tashkent
Vladimir Nizhnii Novgorod Tver'
Vologda Novgorod Temir-Khan-Shura
Voronezh Novocherkassk Tiflis
Viatka Omsk Tobol'sk
Grodno Orel Tomsk
Ekaterinodar Orenburg Tula
Ekaterinoslav Penza Ural'sk
Elisavetpol' Perm' Ufa
Zhitomir Petrozavodsk Fergana
Irkutsk Petrokov Khabarovsk
Kazan' Plotsk Khar'kov
Kalish Poltava Kherson
Kaluga Pskov Kholm
Kamenets-Podol'sk Radom Chernigov
Kars Revel' Chita
Kel'tsy Riga Erivan'
Kiev Riazan Iakutsk
Kishinev Samara Iaroslavl'
Kovno Sankt Peterburg
Kostroma Saratov
...[They contain] official part published governors' orders and
instructions, information on new taxes, court cases, etc. The non-official
section was much larger, featuring a variety of information on current
local events, plants and factories, sales and market prices, agriculture,
transportation, the activity of scientific societies, hospitals,
educational institutions, libraries, etc. Educational articles on history,
geography and economics were also included. In addition, everything from
weather forecasts to advertisements could be found here including on
occasion, reprinted material such as diaries, archival documents,
biographies and folklore." While I can't say what Jewish-relevant material
might be in these, these will give historical background of our ancestor's
gubernias and possibly far more. There are indexes included with the
microfilms, but I don't know how they are organized. Perhaps someone who
has worked with them can give us a report? Certainly they sound like
potential goldmines. I would suggest checking OCLC for the keyword
gubernskie vedomosti to see how many libraries have these microfilms (not
many I think--very expensive). Yours cordially,
Jenny Schwartzberg
Chicago, Illinois
FELDMAN/LEWIN, Gniewoszow, Poland
KAPLAN, Antopol, Belarus
KAMENETZKY, Antopol, Belarus
PLOTNITZKY, Selets, Belarus
PILCHIK, Selets, Belarus

Jenny Schwartzberg