Famous Jewish personalities and their real family names #general

Martha Lev-Zion <martha@...>

My cousin just sent me this email [well, actually he sent it quite some
time ago, but I only just read it.] and I thought it might help out some
of you who were wondering. Sorry, I just couldn't see the value in retyping
the last names in capitals as compared to the time and energy it would take.

Real name Stage name

1. Asa Yoelson 1. Al Jolson
2. Milton Berlinger 2. Milton Berle
3. Fanny Borach 3. Fanny Brice
4. Bernard Schwartz 4. Tony Curtis
5. Bobby Zimmerman 5. Bob Dylan
6. Ethel Zimmerman 6. Ethel Merman
7. Elliot Goldstein 7. Elliot Gould
8. Israel Baline 8. Irving Berlin
9. Sephanie Federkrewcz 9. Stephanie Powers
10. Belle Silverman 10. Beverly Sills
11. Betty Joan Perske 11. Lauren Bacall
12. Nathan Birnbaum 12. George Burns
13. David Daniel Kaminsky 13. Danny Kaye
14. Edward Israel Iskowitz 14. Eddie Cantor
15. Benjamin Kubelsky 15. Jack Benny
16. Michael Orowitz 16. Michael Landon
17. Allen Stewart Konigsberg 17. Woody Allen
18. Issue Danielovitch Demsky 18. Kirk Douglas
19. Sophia Kalish 19. Sophie Tucker
20. Joseph Gottleib 20. Joey Bishop
21. Natasha Gurdin 21. Natalie Wood
22. Lyova Geisman 22. Lee Grant
23. Joyce Penelope Frankenburg 23. Jane Seymour
24. Joseph Levitch 24. Jerry Lewis
25. Melvin Kaminsky 25. Mel Brooks
26. Elaine Berlin 26. Elaine May
27. Michael Peschkowsky 27. Mike Nichols
28. Gerald Silberman 28. Gene Wilder
29 Jacob Cohen 29. Rodney Dangerfield
30. Joan Molinsky 30. Joan Rivers
31. Borge Rosenbaum 31. Victor Borge
32. Amos Jacob 32. Lee J. Cobb
33. Lazlo Lowenstein 33. Peter Lorre
34. Emanual Goldenberg 34. Edward G. Robinson
35. Judith Tuvim 35. Judy Holliday
36. Ira Grossel 36. JeffChandler
37. Melvyn Hesselberg 37. Melvyn Douglas
38. Ivo Levi 38.Yves Montand
39. Simone-Henriette Kaminker 39. Simone Signoret
40. Marion Levy 40. Paulette Goddard
41. Karen Blanche Ziegler 41. Karen Black
42. Ella Geisman 42. June Allyson
43. Sidney Leibowitz 43. Steve Lawrence
44. Abraham Isaac Arshawsky 44. Artie Shaw

Martha Lev-Zion in Israel

Lifshitz-Krams Anne

I feel always suspicious when I see that kind of list. It reminds too much
bad memory.
In this list some people never wanted to hide they are Jewish, some maybe
have Jewish origins and are no more themself or ignore it, some have no
Jewish origins, even if their name look Jewish. You can't point someone as
Jewish just because of his name.
Shirley Pencer pointed already that Nathalie Wood and Ethel Merman were not
Jewish. Yves Montand was also not Jewish. He has been frequently asked
about his name and said that it was Livi (not Levi). His father came >from
Italy to France, and as far as he knew there was no Jewish origin in his
family. I don't think he was lying.
Anne Lifshitz-Krams