Rootsweb Sold to #general

The Kendrick's <kendrickkreation@...>


Many of you suggest url's >from the well known genealogy site called
Rootsweb. For anyone who isn't aware, Rootsweb has been sold. The
details of the sale along with the corporate information on
may be found at the two url's below.

I have no link or financial interest in any of the companies mentioned
at the web sites suggested. I only send this information to inform.
Nancy Ring-Kendrick
Daytona Beach, FL

MODERATOR NOTE: JewishGen presents this announcement as a public service
to our readers. Any discussion of this news should be carried on offline.


The e-mail I received >from which is owned by
said all of the Rootsweb urls will remain as they were. To the user of
the rootsweb site there will be no difference except for more information
will become available.

Norm Tillman Albany, NY