Terespol , ? #general


I'm trying to establish a birthplace in Eastern Europe about 1864. The
naturalization papers say Terespol, Russia. Problem: there are 18 (D-M
Code)candidates for "Terespol" in 7 present-day countries. Her husband was
from Skalat Austria, probably today's Ukraine (coordinates: 4926 2559).
Anyone have any suggestion on how to pinpoint THE Terespole?

I have compared the geographical proximity of Skalat to these Terespols,
the closest is about 83 miles >from Skalat (coordinates 4941 2728). Can it
be that simple? (I have made a list of the other Terespols with their
coordinates, if anyone wants to get into the issue I'd be glad to send it

Is there any research out there on how far people typically travelled to
get married. Are there any studies on patterns of Jewish migration at that
time for economic reasons. As they continued to live in Terespol and had
children there I wonder if economic reasons may have brought him there even
before he met her. The Terespol now in Poland near the border with Russia
was a much larger place, I believe, but also much farther >from Skalat.

I'd be grateful for any help you may be able to give.

Barbara Harris


Dear Barbara,
My grandfather came >from Tiraspol. It is a city in southeast
Moldova. It is not very far >from Kishinev. My grandfather left
after the pogram in Kishinev sometime in 1903. Perhaps this is
the town that you are looking for.
Bonnie Cohn