Hungarian Village of Galgocz ? #general


Has anyone ever heard of a city, village or shtetl in Hungary
named "Galgocz"?

My great-grandmother Rosa Widder Polack may have emigrated >from this
village to NYC in the 1880's. The name of the village was gleaned from
Rosa's sister Josephine Widder Kleinman Lederer's 1916 Manhattan marriage
certificate. The spelling may be wrong as it was written in script on the
certificate. It is the first lead I have as to what village Rosa,
Josephine and their sister Sallie (Sarah) may have come from.

Any assistance would be appreciated if you have an idea as to what village
"Galgocz" might actually be.


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from Yedintsy: Schwartzman, Goldberg, Abrahams, Fuchs
from Rohatyn: Price (Preiss)
from Hamburg: Polack
from Hungary: Widder, Zink, Schwartz

Peter I. Hidas <peterhidas@...>

Galgóc (Hlohvec) is a small village in Slovakia
(Nyitra County). The Jewish community goes back about
200 years. Jews moved there >from Moravia. they were
corn and wine merchants. The first rabbi was R.
Mordechai who lived in the village around 1730. In the
1870s the community broke into two; orthodox and
ultra-orthodox. They reunited ten years later.

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Dr. Peter I. Hidas