Mass. Birth Certificates #general

Carol Raspler

I recently received a typed/computerized, certified copy of an 1898
birth record >from the Morrissey Boulevard Archives. Is this the
practice, or will they re-send a photocopy of the original certificate
upon request? The sheet sent to me even lists the Year, Volume, Page
and Number of the Certificate. Thanks to all, Carol Raspler, Delray
Beach, FL

Alan R Rosenfield <arosen@...>

The original vital records of MA residents are held by the City or Town
Clerk where the birth, marriage, or death took place. I have gotten
numerous records >from Chelsea, but no photocopies. However, they did send
Photoccopies of Voter Registrations, which can be extremely useful
records (I learned that my Uncle was naturalized in NYC, the family having
lived there beforet they moved to Boston).
Al Rosenfield
Columbus OH USA
e-mail <alanpeg@...>