Waldmann / Waldman in Miskolc #general

Mary E. Spear <mespear@...>

I am searching for information regarding my WALDMANN, SCHWARZ, FURTH,
ROSENBERG, ROMER, and STECKLER / SLECKLER ancestors >from Miskolc. Here
is what I know:

Hermann WALDMANN married Leni SCHWARZ (about 1830-1841?). They
were both >from Szepsi near Kosice.
They had one son that I know of: Jakab WALDMANN (born Dec. 1842 in
Szepsi, died between 1810-1820 in Chicago, Illinois) Jakab was married
three times.

1) Babett (Betti) Furth (there is an umlaut over the "u" in Furth)
She was born about 1846-1851 in Miskolc, Borsod, Hungaria. She died 11 Jan
1875 in Miskolc, possibly >from childbirth. They had at least three
children I know of: Miksa (Max) WALDMANN (b. 14 Apr. 1872), Adolf
(Edward) WALDMANN (b. 29 Jul. 1873), & Szeren (Sara or Sadie) WALDMANN
(b. 24 Dec. 1874, Miskolc, Borsod, Hungaria; died 2 Feb 1960 in El Cajon,
San Diego, California). Betti's parents were Mozes FURTH and Sali
ROSENBERG. (Both >from Miskolc as far as I know.)

2) Czilli ROMER (umlaut over the "o".) Jakab and Czilli had one son:
Miklos (Nick) WALDMANN (b. 23 Mar. 1879 in Miskolc, Hungaria, died about
1869, California).

3) Mary STECKLER or SLECKLER (b. about 1859, died about 1930,
Chicago, Illinois) Jakab and Mary had 7 more children, all born in
Chicago, Illinois: Helen (1882), Agnes (1884), Julius (1885), Herman
(1887), Max (1889), Charles (1895) and Frances (Fannie) (1900).

Would love to hear >from anyone with any connections.

Mary Spear