"es" at the end of Lithuanian Surnames #general

Gurtler <gurtler@...>

It was suggested to me recently that "es" is commonly added to then end of
Surnames in Lithuania. And so, the name DROSNES ( my maternal great
grandmother's family name) may be in fact identical to Drosen (or Drazin
or Dreisin or Drizin or another variation) without the "es".

Does anyone have any expertise in this matter?
David Gurtler
David and Tina Gurtler
Jerusalem, Israel

Sally Bruckheimer <sallybru@...>

I am certainly no expert on Lithuanian, but please remember that Vilna
in Lithuanian is now Vilnius-and everything else including names seems
to end in -s. So I would suspect that your thought might be right on.
Drosnes might be Drosen or Dreisin or something similar without the
Lithuanian -s ending.

Of course, we only can guess and try to come up with evidence why our
guess is good or not. Do we find a relative? Do we have a place of
origin? Until we have a lot of good records of the family, it is only=
one hypothesis or another.

Sally Bruckheimer
Buffalo, NY