How to lcate birth mother #general

Kim Sheintal

I am helping a friend who is looking for the birth mother of a baby. The
"baby" is now 31 years old and was adopted at birth by a Jewish family.
My friend knows the mother's first and last name (which are both very
common names) at the time the mother delivered, approximate age at the
time the mother delivered and the approximate area of New York state at
the time the mother delivered. She knows that the mother was Jewish at
the time of delivery and that the baby's grandfather came >from Poland to
the New York state area. Where can you suggest that she begin her
search? I will forward any assistance/direction or questions that you
send to me to my friend. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,
Kim Sheintal


There are links to some good search information at .

I also recommend the International Soundex Reunion Registry. It is a
free, *completely* confidential, mutual consent registry. It is at:

P.O. Box 2312
Carson City, NV 89702-2312
(702) 882-7755

Barbara Niederhoff
Centennial CO