TSIRLIN 1908 #general

Udi Cain

Dear JewishGenners.

While compiling my book about my family (mainly Chaikin), I found two post
cards >from Lausanne, >from 1908, written by my grandfather's cousin, Paulina
The post cards were written in Russian, but near her signature, there exist
a second signature, in Hebrew, Achiezer Tsirlin (Alef Chet Yud Ain Zain
Resh - Tzadi Yud Resh Lammed Yud Nun).
There are two post cards, >from the same place and person but to different
people, both bears the same signature.
Paulina Wolodarski, was originally >from Yekaterinoslav (Denieperpretrovsk),
the Ukraine.
At 1908 she was about 20 years old.

Any clue? (also with regard to Wolodarski / y)

Regards >from El Kuds. Udi Cain.