Bialystok Hebrew Gymnasium #general

Tilford Bartman <bartmant@...>


I would like to know if anyone on the list has any information regarding a
book called "The Immortal Spirit- The Bialystok Hebrew Gymnasium, Poland,
1919-1939". I am very interested in this book. I looked on Amazon.Com. It
was listed but they are not able to find it for me. Many of the fighters
in the Bialystok Ghetto Uprising had been students or teachers at this
school. These include Shimon Datner and Chaika Grossman. They both survived
the war. Chaika was a leader in the Uprising, and one of the most important
persons in the underground in the Bialystok region.

I have a copy of a historical document >from Poland. It appears to list the
names of teachers >from this school that were on a German transport >from the
Bialystok Ghetto. At one point the document says, "In the rail station in
Treblinka a wagon was separated with many teachers of the Gymnasium and
their families, the rest of the wagons continued to Majdanek. The people in
Treblinka were executed the same day of their arrival." One of my principal
contacts regarding Zabludow is a women who lives on Kibbutz Ma'abarrot. She
looked at this document. She attended the Hebrew Gymnasium in Bialystok.
Her family left for Chile only a few months before the war. She said she
remembers every single teacher mentioned in the document!

If anyone has any information on this book about the Bialystok Hebrew
Gymnasium please let me know.

Best to Everyone,

Tilford Bartman