Luach Dates #general

hepstein <hepstein@...>

Does anyone have access to a perpetual book of calendar dates?

I am seeking the comparable Jewish date for the first Sunday in September
1941 to determine the yahrzeit date for the entire family of my aunt &
uncle and four cousins who were murdered with all the Jews >from Alytus, Lithuania.

Howard V. Epstein

MODERATOR NOTE: The JOS Calendar Converter can convert a civil (Gregorian
calendar) date into the equivalent date on the Hebrew calendar, and vice
versa. It can also display Yahrzeit dates for consecutive years. It can be
accessed at:

avigdor ben-dov <owltoo@...>

I use The Comprehensive Hebrew Calendar by Arthur Spier (1900-2100) which
gives both the lunar and solar calendar dates in an easy sidebyside format.
The JOS converter is also great but you can't always use it if not near a
PC. If you still need the dates, I can find them for you as I keep this
book handy.
Avigdor Ben-Dov